The ZhuZhu Pets® are no ordinary pets, they're extraordinary and always on a quest for fun, non-stop action, laughs and adventure. These adorable toys would become highly sought after and crossed over to movies, TV and video games.
Named Toy of the Year 9 times in seven different countries with world-wide brand recognition, ZhuZhu Pets continues to be a global phenomenon.

With the incredible popularity of the ZhuZhu Pets, Cepia would partner with Activision and develop video games for the Nintendo DS. Titles included, ZhuZhu Pets, ZhuZhu Pets 2: Wild Bunch, ZhuZhu Puppies, ZhuZhu Princess, ZhuZhu Babies and The Quest for Zhu, based on the hit animated movie.
Cepia/Blue Whale would also partner with Nelvena and created an animated TV series for Disney Channel.

Working with the creative team at Cepia, Dream Gardens would finance and develop movies based on the ZhuZhu Pets brand. The Quest for Zhu , the animated feature would debut in 2011. The same team would create The Power of Zhu and the third feature in the series, Secret of Zhu to the delight of all the Zhu Zhu Pets fans around the world.